Emergency Checklist For Older Adults

Emergency Checklist For Older Adults

Emergency Winter Checklist for Older Adults

Cold British winters seem to roll in so quickly, sometimes taking us off guard and leaving us unprepared. Now is the time to anticipate freezing temperatures and plan for maximum protection against the risks that the cold weather brings: do you have your winter essentials ready?

Consider preparing yourself by procuring the items listed below:

  • Thermal vests and leggings
    Keeping yourself warm has never been so effortless with these items. Layer them up under other items of loose clothing that can be removed if you become too warm: a much more effective technique than simply wearing thick clothing.

  • Gripper sole socks
    Warm and insulating socks are an essential in cold weather, and gripper socks are a sure way to keep yourself safe from slips and falls around the home if walking on wooden/laminate flooring.

  • Hats
    Keeping yourself safe from the onset of hypothermia is vital, so investing in and wearing an insulated hat can quite literally be a lifesaver.

  • Fleece blanket
    Perfect for snuggling under, purchasing one for the bedroom and/or a living area would ensure that you are able to access warmth instantly. Keeping one in your car and/or garage area for emergencies would be a savvy strategy!

  • Fingerless gloves or full gripper gloves
    Keeping your hands warm is crucial, however, the thought of wearing gloves around the home may seem strange, which is why fingerless gloves are perfect! Keep your hands toasty whilst you carry out all of your normal household tasks. Gripper gloves are also an essential item for your emergency car kit.

  • Hot water bottle
    Keep one by your favourite chair or take one to bed for an extra heat boost when the temperature dramatically drops.

  • Scarf/Neckwarmer
    A scarf will keep the chill from your neck and head area, and if you don’t like the idea of wearing a scarf around the house, a neckwarmer is a fuss-free way of keeping yourself warm without trailing scarf ends.

  • Thermal mug
    A hot brew is never far from reach with a thermal mug! Also, an excellent way to keep your hands warm.

Keeping yourself prepared for any eventuality is vital – perhaps purchase an extra set of the above items and keep in a bag in your car for those vehicular emergencies!

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